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Exess is a secure, web-based client information and practice management system that has been designed specifically for the health, social service & education sectors. Exess allows you to capture all your client-related information in a central point and report on it.

Exess facilitates the ability for practitioners to be client-focused whilst enabling management to be strategy-focused by removing cost from the delivery model, opening up the opportunity for more flexible work practices and virtually removing administrative and reporting burdens.

Using Exess helps you achieve faster and more efficient service delivery at a lower cost, with the built in ability to collaborate with other stakeholders that you may need to share information with.

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    • Everything is moving to the web – it is arguably the way all information will be captured and stored in the future! Choosing Exess will ensure your organisation stays relevant and up-to-date.
    • Using Exess provides increased safety for staff through the ability to instantly capture critical incidents, alerts, offending information, family violence information and other information related to potential risks to staff. That enhanced duty of care can reduce the work risk profile to staff and lessen the likelihood of assault, dog bites, etc. This will reduce medical costs, cost attached to sick leave, ACC premiums and the cost of liability to your organisation.
    • With Exess you do not need your own Server, therefore you will have the benefits of a web-based programme without the costs and associated headaches of replacing and maintaining a Server., We take responsibility for keeping Exess relevant, therefore you do not have to worry about the costs you would have attached to keeping your own programme compliant to every changing practice and reporting requirements. Plus, there is no down-time with enhancements to Exess – every enhancement is instantly available to you!
    • Because the Exess reporting functions give you the ability to capture both qualitative and quantitative data on client outcomes you can provide more professional, accurate and attractive information to funders and your governance body without a heavy administrative burden.
    • No longer will your organisation need to keep or archive paper files or forms. Over time this will provide significant cost savings – not to mention savings in archiving space and the efforts you would be making to be planet-friendly! The recent Government commitment to high speed Broadband provides you with a platform for fast, efficient connectivity that allows you and Exess to drive competitive advantage and reduce overall costs in your organisation.


We Listen!
Our relationship with you is very important to us. We are committed to listening to you and responding to YOUR particular needs. All Exess upgrades are client driven, which means you can be confident that we will do everything we can to ensure you can deliver the best possible service to your clients while keeping your staff equipped to make informed decision and remain safe in their work.

Because we come from your sector we have an intrinsic understanding of the issues and pressures you face. We take the time to get to know you and to pay attention to what you need and why you need it. Our collaborative approach will ensure the best possible service is provided to you and we are available to you 24/7 all year around!

With Exess you will:
      • Improve the efficiency and quality of your service
      • Capture and disseminate critical client information to your staff more efficiently
      • Keep client data more secure
      • Access expert information from any location – no matter how remote
      • Support case decisions with clear, instant evidence
      • Create client outcome and organisational reports that capture accurate information for funders, governance bodies and management planning
With Exess you can:
      • Easily add, manage and review your clients details
      • Capture all relevant information including Alerts
      • Track your client notes with auto date stamp and author signed entries
      • Track time spent on cases, costs attached and mileage
      • Attach multiple external documents to client files
      • Collect genogram information
      • Message casenotes to colleagues
      • Schedule follow-ups and appointments and due dates via the calendar function
      • Create your own customised form letters and referral documents
      • Store client photos
      • Track the involvement of other professionals
      • Create flexible, customised, complex reports, including PRIMHD mental health reports


The advantages of choosing Exess Connectivity Ltd as your supplier include:
    • We have an innate understanding of YOUR core business and can speak your language
    • Exess Client Management System is a trialed and proven system with a track record of responsiveness to customer needs
    • Exess Connectivity Ltd are committed to being responsive to your needs

Responsive, Smart, Easy.

Exess has everything you have been looking for in Client Management Software. Contact us now.

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