Above and Beyond

With Exess you get far more than an off-the-shelf database but you only pay off the shelf prices.

We are based locally in Aotearoa New Zealand so we are commited to your work in our communities and we are available to support you when you feel you need it most, especially in the early days of integrating Exess.

We do this through several means:

Our NZ based support centre means you aren’t contacting an overseas call centre, we work to your schedule. Support is available to all users via a Help & Support tab in Exess.

We will also provide regular face-to-face support. If you need a visit, one of the team will call in to answer questions, train on new developments, discuss your specific additional needs.

With an Integration Package we can assist you to:

    • Identify a client pathway through Exess that reflects your current manual client pathway.
    • Ensure your set-up (lists, options, etc) accurately reflects your delivery model and maximises your success in using Exess.
    • Help to identify an Exess champion from within your organisation.
    • Train your Exess champion to be the first port-of-call for internal training and questions about Exess.
    • Ensure the Exess Champion knows how to regularly implement auditing in Exess so incorrect data entry is cleaned up before it can impact on reporting.
    • Ensure your funders & contracts are set up so you can get Outcomes Reporting out of Exess.
    • Assist with any other areas where we can help you tailor Exess to work for you better.
Development of the Exess system is NZ-focussed.


We are flexible enough to allow end-users to be involved in how the product develops
We understand that you need a system that will grow as your organisation does and continue to be responsive to changes in the sector. Because of this we are engaged in on-going enhancements to Exess. All our enhancements are customer-driven and we welcome your input into this process. Customised development is also available if you wish to commission specific enhancements to meet your particular needs.

It is very important to us to know you are confident in using Exess. We provide hands-on training to new users as a group. This process allows for the team to support each other through the training process and encourages a team understanding and familiarity of Exess. Supplementary training sessions are available as required.
We provide a step-by-step Set-Up Guide to help you through the process of tailoring Exess to your specific needs.
Exess can be in place in your organisation within 24hrs. Once we have Exess in place for you we will provide you with training and support.

We have a proven track record of developing specific requirements that are required for the New Zealand funding climate. Some examples are:

    • PRIMHD Reporting
    • PCOMS Functionality
    • RBA Integration
    • YORST Screenings
    • NETS Educational information
    • NZ Child, Youth and Family Bednights records and reporting for Foster Care or Residential


Our relationship with you is very important to us. We are committed to listening to you and responding to YOUR particular needs. All Exess upgrades are client driven, which means you can be confident that we will do everything we can to ensure you can deliver the best possible service to your clients while keeping your staff equipped to make informed decision and remain safe in their work.

Because we come from your sector we have an intrinsic understanding of the issues and pressures you face. We take the time to get to know you and to pay attention to what you need and why you need it. Our collaborative approach will ensure the best possible service is provided to you!