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Case Management

Gone are the days of keeping manual lists, reports, folders, messy archives and duplicate client records. With Exess you will store all client details and all case management in one easy location across multiple geographic locations and multiple departments and services.

Keep your client biodata, family/whanau data, assessments, screenings, care plans and casenotes in one central, 100% secure  location.

Each client can be assigned to multiple different geographical locations or members of a collective. They can be linked to one or multiple different service engagements with one or multiple workers all attached to your contract and funders. You will be amazed at how easy it is to work across departments, services or sites whilst also being able to keep confidential data from being shared.

Our quick and easy platform for case noting and recording all relevant client data enables clinicians to have up-to-the-minute client information to improve crisis management and quality service delivery.

Mental Health


Extensive tracking on Mental Health diagnoses, specialists and specialist appointments, medications, transportation and companion support.

Counselling Agencies

Exess is ideal for building plans around counselling sessions by individual, couple or family group therapy. It allows you to track, schedule and price appointments.

Use Exess documents, letters, and assessments to inform your client practice and improve communication.

The client plan builder will allow Counsellors to build custom treatment plans, case summaries, and reports.

Client casenotes are ideal for recording client progress with a high level of inter-departmental confidentiality.

Family Violence Services

Exess has a range of tools to assist with monitoring Family violence trending and records. Track and record family violence incidents, court appearances, Police involvement, risk factors, protective factors, and more!

Residential Services


Exess is used across a number of refuge and support services as it allows for robust client records including financial, residential, medical and educational information. It provides a strong platform for planning alongside clients and tracking outcomes. We provide a clear platform for recording family violence details and safety alerts on file and your information is available 24/7 from any location in crisis situations.

Foster Care

Not only does Exess provide a child-focussed approach to all of the above; we also have built-in Monthly DOE Bednight reporting and calculation tables for caregiver payments. Exess allows all of the child’s information including photos, etc to be stored in one place and accessible from anywhere in case of emergency or crisis.

Access critical data and enter notes/documents securely anywhere, any time on any internet-enabled device.


With Exess’ built in branch functionality, collaboration is not only possible but will enhance your work allowing access across multiple geographic locations or several members of a collective.

Also suitable for these and more:

    • Community Youth Services/Youth-at-risk/YDP
    • Senior Support Services
    • Social work
    • Primary Health Organisations
    • Education
    • Iwi
    • Runanga
    • Domestic Violence and Nightshelter Service
    • General heath compensation management
    • Gambling services
    • Substance Abuse/Addictions (alcohol, drug, gambling)
    • Family services
    • Kaupapa Maori Agencies
    • Victim support agencies
    • Prison and Correctional data
    • Behavioral Health Care Organizations
    • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
    • Disability Support Services
    • Child Protection Services