Because Exess can take your business into the digital age, we can also take you into a new level of environmentally sustainable practice.


  • Enabling sustainable practice:

    • With Exess you have the ability to upload documents that you can access any time, any place from any device.
    • Save time, money and the environment on photocopying multiple copies for multiple recipients, everyone can access documents from one safe, secure location.
    • No longer will your organisation need to keep or archive paper files or forms. Over time this will provide significant cost savings – not to mention savings in archiving space and the efforts you would be making to be planet-friendly! No more messy, dusty archive cupboards, all client information can be stored permanently on Exess servers allowing you to feel confident that it will never be accessed, lost, faded or destroyed.
    • You can stop buying expensive files! Exess helps you integrate all aspects of your plans, assessments, referrals, evaluations, screenings, letters and of course, casenotes, into one central, secure location limiting the need for paper files.
We also firmly abide by a sustainable business model so you can have confidence in us.


  • Exess Sustainable business initiatives include:

    • Utilizing software for online training and meetings which substantially reduces costs associated with travel and time.
    • Exess operates electronically and is largely a paperless work environment.
    • Exess operates a weightless business model and because we work in a virtual capacity we don’t need to invest in traditionally non-sustainable models of practice.
    • Exess regularly donates time and resources to charity – particularly in relation to child protection & safety
    • Exess is philosophically and practically committed to supporting NZ business and therefore all our employees (including help desk), servers, etc are located in NZ and will always remain here.