Safe and Secure Web-based storage

Exess is stored on NZ Servers, one in the North Island and one in the South Island. During the Christchurch Earthquake, we were able to provide ongoing service to our clients despite their premises being unavailable.

Exess reports to the Ministry of Health on PRIMHD mental health reporting data. All our security measures have to meet the Ministry of Health standards for handling client mental health data. This means Exess meets stringent criteria.


  • The Exess data security guarantee:

    • Exess is on dedicated servers – nothing else runs on them; they are real machines, not virtual machines.
    • There are NO non-essential services running – just the bare minimum to support Exess the web application (for example, there is no FTP service)
    • The Exess servers are behind a firewall that restricts traffic to ports 22, 80, and 443
    • All data is transferred over SSL (we only use port 80 for Google Maps)
    • Data is encrypted for backups
    • Remote shell access (for programming work) to the servers are strictly limited and controlled
    • The servers are patched and all applications kept-up-to-date
    • The database does NOT listen for remote connections
    • The Exess team have a six-monthly review of security and act promptly on any identified issues
    • All staff sign confidentiality agreements if they have access to customer data

For more on our Technical Specifications, please click here.