Exess has a new look


We welcome you to Exess the new refreshed look and brand that more closely aligns with us and who we are. This is the kick-start to our cleaner and easier to use Exess for 2014 and beyond. As we so often hear, “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”, but at Exess our belief is we don’t need to be sick to get better, so we have, in conjunction with our customers, continued innovation even further with creative responses that will include on-going enhancements around:

    • Faster performance
    • Simpler functionality
    • Even more comprehensive reporting
    • Enhanced evidencing of outcomes
    • Enhanced groups and families management
    • Contracts and funding all integrated with real time dashboard monitoring
    • Enhanced Kaupapa Māori functionality


These initiatives are being developed in conjunction with the roll-out of our new integration services. As we all know it’s easy to buy software, but getting the best utilization from it is an entirely different matter altogether!

With this challenge in mind we have launched our integration programme which has had phenomenal take-up from clients right throughout NZ. This new approach has had astounding outcomes for the organisations that have participated and has been highly beneficial in helping us improve our understanding of how to help our clients to achieve the right results first time.

This then is the backdrop of Exess but the one thing that continues to impress is our team’s ability to take often highly complex problems and find smart software solutions that translate to real and meaningful difference in people’s lives. When you know you can achieve something as rewarding as that then somehow anything becomes possible prix viagra pharmacie.

So enjoy looking around our site and hopefully gaining a better perspective of Exess and the people behind the brand.

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