If your organisation is classified as an NGO and is contracted by the Ministry of Health (the Ministry) to provide direct support and treatment services to mental health consumers, and you record data using the consumer’s unique National Health Index number (NHI), you will be required to report mental health data via PRIMHD to the Ministry. The exceptions are for those aged care residential providers with three or less mental health and addiction residents and some consumer and family/whānau services where it is considered either not practical, or desirable, to report service activity on the basis of the consumer NHI.

Exess will work closely with your organisation and the PRIMHD team at the Ministry, to provide guidance and support as you progress through submitting Provisional Compliance test scripts using sample data to becoming Fully Compliant reporting real data to PRIMHD.

We will provide advice and technical support to help you prepare your data and extracts so that they comply with the PRIMHD data set, code set and business rules.