Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) is a simple, common sense framework for organisations to keep the focus on the results/outcomes of their work with communities, whānau, families and clients. Any community, agency or team striving for positive change in New Zealand can use RBA.

Exess will provide people working in community organisations, social services, government agencies and communities in Aotearoa/New Zealand a platform to use RBA™ with their client data.

Exess allows you to report on the 3 key Results-Based Accountability™ questions:

    • What did we do?
    • How well did we do it?
    • Is anyone better off?

Through a variety of user-friendly methods that are tailorable to your business requirements you can choose how you collect information to report on your RBA™ contracts. Exess is compatible with the Results Scorecard® so they can be easily integrated.

Because the Exess reporting functions give you the ability to capture both qualitative and quantitative data on client outcomes you can provide more professional, accurate and attractive information to funders and your governance body without a heavy administrative burden.

Results-Based Accountability™ is a trademark of the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute and the concepts are outlined in the book, “Trying Hard is Not Good Enough” by Mark Friedman.


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