Teaching Kids the Joy of Giving


As parents and grandparents we usually want our children to learn to see ‘giving’ as more enjoyable than ‘getting’.

It can be difficult to think of ways to set family traditions of giving that are relevant and fun for kids, so given the time of year we thought we would put together some of our family Christmas traditions that teach our kids to ‘give’.

Some of these might be ideas you can adopt for your family:

1. Save over a period of time and then all go shopping together to buy groceries and Christmas treats for families that don’t have much.

2. Make up a ‘giving box’ each Christmas and gift it to an organisation who looks after families.

3. Get the kids to save their pocket money and use it to buy gifts to place under the Christmas tree at K-Mart.

4. Gift hand-made new clothes for women in Refuge who may not otherwise receive gifts. Hand-made gifts are always the best!

5. Choose family gifts from TearFund in the name of the person you are ‘giving’ to, so rather than giving material things to people who already have lots of stuff the family is providing something useful to someone who really needs it, in that person’s name.

6. Operation Shoebox. The kids love packing up special boxes for children who may not otherwise receive gifts.

There are lots of ways to teach kids to find joy in giving rather than getting. Doing something as a family creates really special traditions that can be continued for generations and becomes something the children look forward to each year.

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