Questions (5)

Is it safe to store information online?
Yes. Exess takes all necessary precautions to ensure the security of your data. For more information, click here.
What is the difference between web-based and cloud-based?

There are several differences. Exess is a web-based system which means your information is stored on the web, not in a cloud. This means the data is stored on a physical server here in NZ which is accessed through logging into the website. This ensures data security better than a cloud-based storage.



On demand self-serviceExess is set-up for each organisation, no self-service
Location transparent resource poolingExess is one site on one server.  That server is a physical machine at a physical address
Rapid elasticityExess needs work to make it scalable – moving the data to a dedicated machine, changing how sessions work, etc., etc
Can I use Exess at home?
You can use Exess anywhere that you have an internet connection. You will have to abide by your employers confidentiality policy at all times, but Exess is available any time day or night for you to access from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Client Requirements (5)

Can it cater for multiple service engagements?
Yes, Exess is fully customisable to your specific client service pathway. It can accommodate multiple services provided by multiple worker, provided under multiple contracts all with different start and end dates and unique client plans.
Can it record my contracts and funders?
Exess has a comprehensive Contracts and Funders functionality that will create seamless organisation of your clients by contract. Click here for more info.
Can it support my work with families?
Yes, Exess has a comprehensive Families functionality that allows you to develop everything you can for an individual’s service engagement, contracts and plans against an entire family group including customisable options for differing family members for differing durations of time.
Are there different levels of access?
Yes, Exess proudly provides 4 different levels of access to client information as well as multiple different infrastructures for sharing across departments and locations. With Exess you will find all the security you require.

Technical Support (5)

Do you offer a support centre?
Yes, Exess provides a support centre available to you from 8 AM to 5 PM. We are on call to answer any questions you may have.
Will you come and fix Exess if it breaks?
We have full control of all systems from a remote location. If you or your staff experience any issues with Exess, we will take immediate action to diagnose and resolve it. Exess has had no unplanned outages in our entire existence as a service provider.
How quickly can I have it up and running?
All you need is a computer and an internet connection to use Exess. We can have it up and running in your organisation in 48 hours. As Exess contains many customisable fields to correspond with your existing client pathway and organisation, we recommend some pre-launch planning to fully prepare our Exess site to cater to your requirements.


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